Register your employees for wellbeing series

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Oct 25, 2021

The long-term chronic stress endured by employees in a pandemic can really take its toll on their wellbeing.

We can easily fall out of our healthy habits and find ourselves in a slump. AMPC has engaged the Corporate Wellbeing Hub to develop a wellbeing series to support your employees during this time.

It’s free to participate in and showcases a broad range of self-care strategies and practical tips to protect physical and mental wellbeing.

The series covers:

1. A video which explains how to build self-care toolkits and looks at physical and mental health, relationships, and environment.
2. A video outlining energy boosters which discusses high energy foods and breaks from technology to recharge.
3. A video on enhancing mental wellbeing through brain food, daily exercise, sleep hacks and using social networks.
4. A podcast on mental health explaining how to look out for each other and outlining support tools and resources.

AMPC invites you and your employees to register for this wellbeing series to access the videos and podcast.

Register here:

This wellbeing series is part of a three-year program of work on health and wellbeing. AMPC will continue to update you on new programs as they are developed as part of this initiative.