AMPC re-launches Processing Hygiene & Meat Science program

Posted by Bernadette Fielding on Apr 19, 2017

AMPC is seeking proposals for the delivery of RD&E investments within the Processing Hygiene, Quality and Meat Science program.

A healthy, balanced diet can be attained through a deeper discernment of food performance outcomes and consumer perceptions of eating meat.

The Processing Hygiene, Quality & Meat Science (HQS) program aims for the continuous delivery of high standards in food safety and quality to ensure systems are exemplary to enhance the industry's reputation as a safe,ethical and sustainable provider of meat products.

The commercial application of meat science will position the industry as a leader in responding to changing consumption patterns in existing and emerging markets. The successful delivery of this program will depend on science to create optimal benchmarks of quality. This will help companies produce meat-based foods that are not only safe but also "good for you".

AMPC is seeking R&D proposals from suitably qualified research providers in the following areas:

  • Combining knowledge of meat science and quality which create new products and markets, especially tailored to consumption patterns and optimal health.
  • Innovation in the creation of minimally processed foods which enhance human health and performance through the incorporation of meat science and processing safety;
  • Identification of key attributes and biochemical markers for food quality through the value chain which can be used to increase access to domestic and global markets;
  • Identification of elements and potentially novel bioactive compounds that can be ethically and sustainably produced from meat;
  • Equipping the next generation of meat scientists with expertise to transform commodity based operations into high-value, market-focused ventures through industry collaboration.;

PRP's must be completed and submitted electronically via AMPC’s Client Centre by COB, Monday, 8th May 2017.

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For further information or assistance, please contact David Lean, AMPC Program Manager on 02 8908 5507 or via email.