Future drought fund

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 30, 2021

AMPC is a partner in the Northern NSW and Southern Qld Drought Resilience Hub which is an initiative of the Federal Government’s Future Drought Fund. Responding to some processor member requests for assistance during the hardest period of the drought in 2019, AMPC and some of its members attended a Future Drought Fund Town Hall gathering in Toowoomba.

AMPC Program Manager Matthew Deegan, who arranged the red meat processor attendance, said, “AMPC and our processor members presented some water saving concepts, but more importantly we listened to the concerns of the community. It became apparent that red meat processors had the potential to be part of the drought resilience solution and this initial Town Hall gathering in Toowoomba became one of the catalysts for our current advanced water recycling pilot project.”

The Drought Resilience Hubs have just kicked off, with the aim of creating innovation and adoption towards community, farmer and traditional owner drought resilience.

More information on the Future Drought fund can be found on the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment webpage.