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Refrigeration energy efficiency workshops

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Sep 27, 2021

AMPC recently delivered a series of refrigeration energy efficiency workshops with our members that included handbooks, guidebooks, calculation tools and customised reports for each participant.

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Member survey results

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Sep 27, 2021

Thank you to our members who participated in our inaugural member survey in August. Telephone surveys were conducted, and responses provided were from 40 meat processing plants.

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Meet our program managers - Matt Deegan

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Sep 23, 2021

This month we talk with Matthew Deegan, or Deegs as some of us call him. 

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2022 Science and innovation awards - applications now open

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 30, 2021

Investing in future-ready agriculture, fisheries, forestry and emerging industries is the goal behind the 2022 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

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Future drought fund

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 30, 2021

AMPC is a partner in the Northern NSW and Southern Qld Drought Resilience Hub which is an initiative of the Federal Government’s Future Drought Fund. Responding to some processor member requests for assistance during the hardest period of the drought in 2019, AMPC and some of its members attended a Future Drought Fund Town Hall gathering in Toowoomba.

AMPC Program Manager Matthew Deegan, who arranged the red meat processor attendance, said, “AMPC and our processor members presented some water saving concepts, but more importantly we listened to the concerns of the community. It became apparent that red meat processors had the potential to be part of the drought resilience solution and this initial Town Hall gathering in Toowoomba became one of the catalysts for our current advanced water recycling pilot project.”

The Drought Resilience Hubs have just kicked off, with the aim of creating innovation and adoption towards community, farmer and traditional owner drought resilience.

More information on the Future Drought fund can be found on the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment webpage.

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Are you unsure or dissapointed with solar PV?

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 30, 2021

A recent survey by AMPC revealed that a number of red meat processor members were unsure about, or disappointed by, the performance of Solar PV systems. The survey also revealed that some of the Solar PV retail offerings received by members were poorly presented, included significant errors, or over-estimated system performance. It became apparent that we needed to introduce an independent, transparent and well-informed second opinion for members when they were considering Solar PV and storage offers.   

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Energy and environment grants helpline

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 30, 2021

AMPC has launched a free service that provides members with expert information, advice and guidance to help you identify and apply for energy and environment government funding and grants.

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Meet our program managers - Amanda Carter

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 26, 2021

This month we talk with Amanda Carter.

What did you do before AMPC?
Once I completed university my first job was as a Quality Assurance officer for an export beef plant and from there my love of the industry saw my career path move into HR, safety and training.

Prior to joining AMPC my previous roles were as a HR advisor for a sheep processing plant. Throughout my career all my roles have been in the field of safety, training and HR for sheep or beef processing plants.

What do you love most about your role at AMPC?
I am blessed in that I have a dual role. I am both a program manager working on industry wide people and culture projects. I also work as a co-innovation manager partnering with specific processing plants in my region. This role helps me remain focused and in touch with industry relevant information and opportunities and in turn assist plants with their specific R&D needs.

I love having the ability to do deep, meaningful research in the people and culture space to continue to drive the industry forward.

What’s your favourite sports team?
Brumbies. I love rugby and play an active role in our local senior and junior rugby teams.

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know?
So many people know so much about me, so I find this a difficult question.

I enjoy doing mass catering for events. I love the planning of the event and then seeing people sit down together for a meal. At our national bull sale, I cater breakfasts for more than 100 people over three days. I also cater for our junior heifer show which is a three-day event with up to 120 participants.

I also love having cooking competitions with my family – we enjoy using the smoker.

Where do you see red meat processing in 10 years?
I see meat processing advancing especially in the automation space. I see this working hand-in-hand with processing employees. I see automation taking away the safety risks for our people.

It’s an exciting space over the next 10 years and I truly believe we are at a turning point. Especially on the training front and how it is delivered and how people are onboarded.

With the help of automation, we may be able to have operators sitting outside of the processing plant performing tasks inside the plant. This opens up a whole new demographic for the workforce.

Pineapple on pizza?

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Reducing the need for fossil fuels

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Jul 26, 2021

As the world attempts to decarbonise, the cost and reliability of fossil fuels will come under increasing pressure.

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Management of infectious disease - resources

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Jul 26, 2021

AMPC has created a suite of videos to help meat processing plants communicate to their employees. The videos cover key aspects of infectious diseases, COVID-19, how to stay safe at work, how to use face masks, and what to do if you’re not feeling well.

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Meet our program managers

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Jul 16, 2021

This is a new section where we will be introducing our program managers to you.

This month we talk with Stuart Shaw.

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TeleVet for meat processors

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Jun 28, 2021

There are many reasons why on-site vets may not attend meat processing plants including sickness or carer responsibilities. This unplanned leave can cause significant problems. The availability of replacement vets in rural and regional areas can sometimes be difficult, often requiring many hours of travel which cases unnecessary delays.

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