AMPC and Curtin Uni combat food-borne disease

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Sep 24, 2018

AMPC has teamed up with Curtin University’s School of Molecular and Life Sciences to tackle the $1.2 billion economic impact of food-borne diseases by developing a simple, efficient and more accurate genetic test that signals the presence of pathogens through a simple colour indicator.

The award-winning research was the first to investigate the potential of Hybridisation Chain Reaction (HCR) as a rapid gene-identification tool in food-borne pathogens. The technology could soon provide a simple, quick and low-cost test for the routine screening of high-volume samples. 

Special thanks to M & L Meats, Kenwick, for their assistance, and to the research team: Dr Ranil Coorey, Professor Gary Dykes, Dr Joshua Ravensdale.

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