Beef and Lamb offal survey for improving market access

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Dec 6, 2017


AMPC and MLA have established a joint approach to portfolio development and project contracting, management and extension in the area of food safety which will ensure that the strategic priorities of each sector (producer and processor) can be addressed in an efficient manner while avoiding duplication of effort and resources.

Edible offal contributes about 7% of the total revenue available from the all products derived from cattle and sheep slaughtered for human consumption. All meat processors recover offal items for human consumption but the range of offal recovered and recovery rates for offal items vary between establishments. In recent times offals have been a focus for several export markets especially to countries such as China and Vietnam, mainly for tripe. In 2016 China’s AQSIQ conducted a review of Australia’s production system for tripe and other offal. AQSIQ advised that Australia had a well-managed system for offal production but noted that there was no mandatory requirement for microbiological monitoring in offal.

For Australia to maintain or open new market access opportunities the hygienic quality of offals, as usually supplied to these markets, needs to be documented. Information on hygienic quality could be sufficient for accessing the market, avoiding the need for lot by lot testing, or setting manageable criteria for future testing and trade.

Issues to be addressed

The key objectives of the project are:

  • Estimate the prevalence and quantitative levels of indicator organisms in offals
  • Estimate the prevalence of pathogens of concern to key markets

Consider within and between establishment variations in hygienic quality to suggest whether results are consistent within and between establishments, and therefore whether efforts are required to better define and standardise procedures for offal recovery.

Proposals must be lodged electronically to: 

Proposals must be received by 5pm Friday 22 December 2017. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

For further information please contact:

Long Huynh
Project Manager - Meat Access Science & Technology

P: +61 (2) 9463 9164