Member Experience Survey

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 18, 2020

You may be aware that AMPC has set a target to improve its performance in member satisfaction. AMPC is required by government as a condition of its funding agreement to independently evaluate its performance to demonstrate the value of funds invested in its programs.

In the recently released 2020-21 Annual Operating Plan AMPC stated its aim to: achieve year-on-year improvement in member sentiment towards AMPC as identified through a survey.

To benchmark current year-on year performance, in July, an initial sentiment survey was conducted with executive management of our member organisations. 

The survey revealed that 44% of members are moderately or very satisfied with AMPC. When asked to compare their satisfaction levels over 2 years, comparing FY2019 with FY2020 the results revealed a small shift in satisfaction for the past 12 months.

AMPC is committed to further improving member sentiment, evaluating its performance and ultimately delivering tangible outcomes for members of all sizes.  You can find the complete list of performance targets for 2020-21 here

The survey will be repeated in June 2021 to gauge changing perceptions of AMPC performance.