Strategic Plan 2020-25

Posted by AMPC Blogger on Aug 19, 2020

After extensive consultation with members and key stakeholders, AMPC published its Strategic Plan 2020-25 document on June 30 2020. You can read the full plan here.

Our vision is to be the red meat processing industry’s trusted partner in innovation, and our mission is to drive world-class innovation, adoption and policy development through genuine partnerships built on trust.

The Board of AMPC Board has endorsed the 2025 Strategy. The plan aligns with Red Meat 2030 the industry’s ten-year strategic plan, and outlines our research and development focus and priorities for the following themes:

  • Sustainability
  • People and Culture
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Technical Market Access and Markets
  • Product and Process Integrity

As a part of our service offering AMPC will be focusing on co-innovation, developing and delivering bespoke innovation plans for our members.

We have recently recruited four Co-Innovation Managers, who are relationship managers responsible for:

  • Managing customer accounts
  • Being the point of contact for member interactions
  • Developing innovation plans for each member
  • Writing up Plant Initiated Projects with the member
  • Facilitating communication, extension and adoption of industry R&D outputs
  • Feeding relevant insights from members to Program Managers to inform program development.

Our Co-Innovation Managers will provide excellent benefits to our members, including direct contact with AMPC; a dedicated resource to help with innovation needs; more regular personalised communication; and a better connection to the latest R&D innovations.

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